Digital Art Director / Head of Design

Copenhagen, Denmark
Phone: +45 26 83 96 56
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As a visual designer with 10+ years of hands-on product design experience, my role is now digital and I partner with product, engineering, and research to ensure projects are well-defined, high impact, and successfully executed. I am passionate about crafting compelling digital user experiences focusing on human needs, user motivation and engagement.

Using visual tools, strategic vision and business acumen to deliver high-impact marketing, print-design, and e-commerce projects. Intuitively adapting to new technology and innovative processes while ensuring compliance with corporate standards.

This is essential in everything I do.

Professional Skills

10+ years of hands-on product design experience | Adobe Creative Suite | Microsoft Office Suite | User Interface (UI) Design | User Experience (UX) Design | Wireframing | Marketing Design | HTML | CSS | Bootstrap | Marketplace Platforms | e-commerce | Design Management

Personal Skills
  • Collaborative, low-ego approach to working with others.
  • I love to win, but helping the team win gives me greater joy.
  • I speak tech, exec and board.
  • I tell great narratives that motivate.
  • I am constantly learning because I never settle.
  • I stay calm when faced with adversity.
  • I focus on making high-quality decisions.

Social Skills

I enjoy team events like lunch and learns, show and tells, monthly town halls and other activities where ideas are shared, challenges made, and inspiration gathered.

Friday is something special, let's enjoy a beer together.


Head of Design

2015 - Present

Responsible for the brand ́s visual identity in all digital channels.
Working with brand identity and communication, multi-channel communication strategy and execution, e- commerce, marketing, ux and usability, social media, app conceptualisation and design, mobile marketing and design, CRM, advertising campaigns. Development of skills and competences according to inhouse design thinking.

Creative Director / Owner

2010 - 2015

Graphic design, concept development, editorial design and layout, visual identity, e-commerce.

Senior Art Director

2014 - 2015

Responsible for the brand ́s visual identity and communication (design and copy).
Concept development and design, e-commerce, product and image campaigns, marketing, advertising campaigns, new business development.

Head of Design

2010 - 2012

Head of the creative team (design and copy).
Development and execution of Onfone ́s brand identity and communication, integration of design culture, development and integration of design system methodologies, design thinking and processes, e-commerce, marketing, ux and usability, CRM.

Art Director

2005 - 2010

Visual identity and branding, concept development and design, product and image campaigns, ux and usability design, storyboards, industrial design, packaging, advertising strategies and execution.

Selected client list: Ann Hagen, April Records, BLU, BMW, British Midland Airlines, Carlsberg Group, Copenhagen Music Week, Imedeen, Københavns Lufthavne, Medicoindustrien, Nokia, PDH Music, Ramlösa, Royal Beer, Schweppes, Sommersby, Sony Records, Tuborg International, Vega, Wonderful Copenhagen.

Art Director

2000 - 2003

Visual identity and branding, concept development and design, product and image campaigns, ux and usability design, storyboards.

Selected client list: Casablanca Film, COP17, Danmarks Radio. Folketinget, IHF, Kulturbro 96, Kunststyrelsen, Louisiana, Michael Carøe.


The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
1985 - 1992

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ Schools of Visual Arts fall under the auspices of the Danish Ministry for Culture.

The objective of the study programme is to develop artistic practices and prepare for a subsequent career as professional artists. This is done through one-on-one tutorials, extensive instruction in technical, practical and theoretical aspects of art, and through collective discussions and critical analysis of the work done by students and by other artists.